History of
Warm Blankets

Fritz Schaller (future founded of Warm Blankets Switzerland) first visit Cambodia in 2003.
He traveled with Kurt Kammerman and a team from his community. At that time, a
simple walk down the street of Phnom Penh was heartbreaking. Abandoned children
begged for food, and desperate mothers with malnourished babies held out their hands.
They were so moved by this trip that when they returned home to Switzerland they were
compelled to help.
2003Fritz und Vreni
Schaller with an
orphan and widow
in a FCOP
Children's home
in Cambodia.
first trip to Cambodia
Kurt Kammermann
from Switzerland
and Ted Olbrich,
founder of FCOP
on the first trip to
The first team in
Kambodscha. They
visited a FCOP
children's home
and build a cafeteria.

After returning from the first visit to Cambodia, Fritz founded Warm Blankets Switzerland (WB)
and Kurt Kammerman continued to helped him organize annual work trips and to fundraise
for the children. Their first partners were Ted and Sou Olbrich from the USA. Their organization
Foursquare Children of Promise had 100+ church orphan homes around the country which
provided homes for orphaned and abandoned children, widows and single
mothers in need of employment.
2004Founding of Warm Blankets

2004-2006Work trips to the
children's homes
more pictures

In 2006 the leadership of WB passed on to Bernhard and Susan Eichenberger,
but Fritz continued to make trips to Cambodia and fundraise for the children.
In 2006 Bernhard and Susan visited Myanmar (Burma) and began supporting
the projects lead by Philip and Mie Mie Ahona.
2006new leaders of WB

In 2006 and 2007 Tabea Schaller
spent 18 months in Cambodia doing
a glasses project in partnership with
FCOP. Hundreds of needy children
received their first pair of glasses.
2007Glasses project
Geberit project
Bed project
Thomas Walti, Fritz Schaller and
Eichenbergers organized several
shipping containers of donated items
to Cambodia, including the pipes
needed to plumb a women's dorm,
and beds and blankets for the
children's homes.
2007-2008Womens dorm, Bed project

2008-2011short ministry trips to
Cambodia and Myanmar
more tripsBilding a fence in Bavat orphan home 2009
Some areas of Cambodia have dangerous levels of arsenic in the
water. Lukas Graf traveled with Dr. Lina from FCOPI to test the
water for dangerous arsenic levels in several children's homes.
In 2006 WB began
supporting the minisries of
Philip and Mie Mie Ahnone
in Myanmar. They have
several orphan homes, a
drug rehab center and other
ministries to help the people
in Myanmar. WB made
several short trips to oversee
their ministry, encourage the
people and making new
2011 building a fence in the Chuk orphanage

2011new leaders of WBIn 2011 the leadership of Warm Blankets Switzerland passed to Frank and Beatrice Seibold.
Through their friendships in Kenya, WB began supporting schools and teacher's salaries
in three low income communities. Frank and Beatrice also began leading annual teams
to support the work of Ben and Christine Tanguli.

Kenya through the YearsFrom 2012 - 2022 Warm Blankets Switzerand made annual trip to Kenya
and supported teachers salaries in three low income schools.
photos from Kenya

The Water Project BeginsIn 2014 Lukas Graf made a
three month trip to Cambodia
to test the water in the FCOP
children's homes.

The findings from the water
tests were so extreme and had
a huge impact on Lukas.

Similar to Friz Schaller, Lukas
was so impacted by this trip that
he returned to Switzerland and
was compelled to help.

2017new leaders of WBIn 2016 the leadership of WB passed to Lukas and Jenny Graf. That same year they lead
the first ever Water Project work trip to Cambodia. The team traveled to nine different
children's homes where they tested the water and installed filters to remove dangerous