History of
Warm Blankets

Fritz Schaller (future founded of Warm Blankets Switzerland) first visit Cambodia in 2003.
He traveled with Kurt Kammerman, pastor of "Verein Quelle" and a team from his community.
At that time, a simple walk down the street of Phnom Penh was heartbreaking. Abandoned children
begged for food, and desperate mothers with malnourished babies held out their hands.
They were so moved by this trip that when they returned home to Switzerland they were
compelled to help.
2003Fritz und Vreni
Schaller with an
orphan and widow
in a FCOP
Children's home
in Cambodia.
First trip to Cambodiamore
Kurt Kammermann
from Switzerland
and Ted Olbrich,
founder of FCOP
on the first trip to
The first team in
Cambodia. They
visited a FCOP
children's home
and build a cafeteria.

After returning from the first visit to Cambodia, Fritz founded Warm Blankets Switzerland (WB)
and Kurt Kammerman continued to helped him organize annual work trips and to fundraise
for the children. Their first partners were Ted and Sou Olbrich from the USA. Their organization
Foursquare Children of Promise had 100+ church homes around the country which
provided homes for orphaned and abandoned children, widows and single
mothers in need of employment.
2004Founding of Warm Blankets

1/32004-2006Work trips to the
children's homes
more pictures
Work trips to the
children's homes
3/3Work trips to the
children's homes

In 2006 the leadership of WB passed on to Bernhard and Susan Eichenberger,
but Fritz continued to make trips to Cambodia and fundraise for the children.
In 2006 Bernhard and Susan visited Myanmar (Burma) and began supporting
the projects lead by Philip and Mie Mie Ahona.
2006New leaders of WB

In 2006 and 2007 Tabea Schaller
spent 18 months in Cambodia doing
a glasses project in partnership with
FCOP. Hundreds of needy children
received their first pair of glasses.
2007Glasses project
Geberit project
Bed project
more of 2007
Thomas Walti, Fritz Schaller and
Eichenbergers organized several
shipping containers of donated items
to Cambodia, including the pipes
needed to plumb a women's dorm,
beds and blankets for the children's
2007-2008Womens dorm, Bed project

2008-2011Short ministry trips to
Cambodia and Myanmar
Bilding a fence in Bavat orphan home 2009more of 20081/4
2/4Some areas of Cambodia have dangerous levels of arsenic in the
water. Lukas Graf traveled with Dr. Lina from FCOPI to test the
water for dangerous arsenic levels in several children's homes.
Arsenic testing in Cambodia
In 2006 WB began
supporting the minisries of
Philip and Mie Mie Ahnone
in Myanmar. They have
several children's homes, a
drug rehab center and other
ministries to help the people
in Myanmar. WB made
several short trips to visit
their ministry, encourage the
people and making new
Helping in Myanmar3/4
4/4Building a fence at Bavat home / Cambodia

2011New leaders of WB
Beatrice and Frank Seibold
The leadership of Warm Blankets Switzerland passed to Frank and Beatrice Seibold.
Through their friendships in Kenya, WB began supporting schools and teacher's salaries
in three low income communities. Frank and Beatrice also began leading annual teams
to support the work of Ben and Christine Tanguli.
1/3more of 2011
2/3Some photos of the
trips to Kenya from
3/3Frank and Beatrice did
many trips to Kenya

The Water Project Begins2014In 2014 Lukas Graf made a
three month trip to Cambodia
to test the water in the FCOP
children's homes.
The findings from the water
tests were so extreme and had
a huge impact on Lukas.
Similar to Friz Schaller, Lukas
was so impacted by this trip that
he returned to Switzerland and
was compelled to help.

2016Filter donation
from Pall Corp.
WB received a donation of 30 high quality filters from Pall Corporation. After testing them at home
in the fishpond, the Graf`s went with a small team to Cambodia to install the filters in children's homes.
more of 20161/5PallKatadynSawyer
The filters were installed in ten different
children's homes around Cambodia.
The children also received training about
proper hand washing and how to safely
store drinking water.
first istallations of
high qualitiy bacteria
filter in Cambodia
Over the years the filter desing
changed and advanced, here is
short animation video how
the first filters were made. In the
beginning a bio sandfilter was used
as a prefilter.
3/5how the first filters
were designed
To check the flow rate,
durability and efficency
of the filters, they were
tested in a fish pond by
the Graf's house. This data helped WB
better understand how the filters might
work in developing countries.
4/5Filter testing
in the fish pond
more of 2016
This is a visual explanation
of how the membrane filter
works and which
contaminants can be
removed from polluted
5/5How the filter
more of 2016

1/9more of 2017In 2017 the leadership of WB passed to Lukas and Jenny Graf.
They continued the work to fundraise and to lead teams to
Cambodia and Myanmar, and to partner with Frank
and Beatrice Seibold to take teams to Kenya. They also
began fundraising and leading teams specifically for
clean water projects.
New leaders of WB2017
In 2017 Pall
Incorporated gave a
large donation of
filters to be used in
poor and needy
Large filter
In April 2017 Lukas and Jenny made a trip to Cambodia
to test the filters that were installed one year earlier. They
traveled back to each location where a filter had been
installed, and were delighted to discover that the water
tested clean and the filters were working well.

A report about the project was prepared for
Pall Incorporated, the donors of the water filters. --->
More filters for the water project!3/9
Construction team in Kampot, Cambodia4/9
In 2017 Lukas and Jenny also visited
Myanmar for an overview visit of the
projects that WB started supporting in
2006. They were overjoyed to see the
many wonderful projects that donors
had made possible through the years.

They visited two children's homes and
a drug rehabilitation center. They were
also able to expand the water project to
three new locations in Myanmar.
Visit to Myanmar5/9
Overview video from a trip to Kenya.6/9
7/9bakteria filterbio sand filterInstruction on how
to build the filters
Through the years, the design of the filter
casings changed, and each time it was
improved. Additionally, different
designs were developed for different
countries. This is a 3D animation of
how the filters were build in 2017.
You can click inside the animation to
see the different steps of building a filter.
You can also read instruction on how to build a
filter. Click on the pictures to get started.
New design for the filter
click here to
start animation in
a new window
8/9How it all worksThis is a fun animation about
how the filters work and how
they were build in 2017. There's
also information about bacteria
and water contamination. You
can open the animation in a new
window by clicking the
green field. Click around
inside the animation to
explore and learn more.
Warm Blankets Switzerland, orphan, NGO, NPO, Hilfswerk, orphanage, Cambodia, Myanmar, Kenya, water project, water filter, bacteria filter, sand filter, FCOPI, Lukas Graf, Jenny Graf, Verein Quelle, sponsor, help, Waisen, Kambodscha, Kenia, Waisenheim, Wasserprojekt, Wasserfilter, Bakterienfilter, Sandfilter, Sponsoring, www.lukasjenny.com, Hilfe, Entwicklungsland, developing country, dritte Welt, third worldWater testing9/9WB tests water for dangerous bacteria and other
pollutants before and after installing a filter.
Dipslides show the total bacteria growth on one side, and
only the dangerous bacteria on the other.
Tests for dangerous bacteria:
if the water sample turns yellow
the water is contaminated
with coliform bacteria.
Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence analysis of water samples,
all the red numbers are above the allowed limit
Sample report from one location where WB tested
water and installed a filter
9/9more of 20172017

2018more of 2018A team traveled to
Cambodia to install water
filters in children's homes.
They also tested the water
and taught a children's
hygiene curriculum at
each location.
1/6Installing more
water filters
WB raised more then $65`000 to help FCOPi reach their
goal of donor independence with their rice farm project
Rice farm project2/6
A team traveled with Frank and Beatrice
Seibold to Kenya to visit our partners,
lead a medical clinic and meet physical
needs in the community.
3/6Kenya trip
CSL Behring, a large Australien pharmaceutical
company, featured the Water Project in their
newsletter. They were an important part in
WB receiving the filter donation from Pall Inc.
Lukas worked for CSL Behring for 12 years
before moving to Cambodia in 2023.
4/6Recognition from CSL Behring
for the water project
5/6One particularly successful fundraiser that WB
organized was the "Hunger Banquet" to raise awareness
about global hunger. In 2018 it was estimated that 50%
of the global population earned less than $2,140 per year.
Hunger banquet5/6
One particularly successful fundraiser that WB
organized was the "Hunger Banquet" to raise awareness
about global hunger. In 2018 it was estimated that 50%
of the global population earned less than $2,140 per year.
Hunger banquet5/6
Hunger banquet5/6One particularly successful fundraiser that WB
organized was the "Hunger Banquet" to raise awareness
about global hunger. In 2018 it was estimated that 50%
of the global population earned less than $2,140 per year.
Makara's Story

The life story
of one of our
friends and
partner for the
Water Project
in Cambodia.
6/6Makaras story / our partner for the water project

2019Trip to Kenya and RwandaLukas Graf and Bernhard
made a trip to Kenya to do
a project in the slums of
Nairobi. They partnered with
a church community there to
help people with urgent needs
such as food and shelter. They
also installed several water
filters, and tried to help the
church set up a sustainable
water filter ministryfor
the slums.
more of 20191/5
Kenia tripA team traveled with Frank and Beatrice Seibold to Kenya to visit our
partners, lead a medical clinic and meet physical needs in the community.
Trip to Kenya and Rwanda
A team traveled to
Cambodia to install water
filters in children's homes.
They also tested the water
and taught a children's
hygiene curriculum at
each location.
Warm Blankets was invited
to make presentations
at Usitawi, Kiwanis Club,
CSL Behring, and
Eicher und Pauli gmbh.
They shared about the
growing need for clean
drinking water around the
world, and the water filter
Lukas Graf and Makara
Heng traveled to Myanmar to
install a water tank and filter
in a children's home in the
Rhakin State. The home is
primarily for children in
need from the ongoing
Rohingya conflict.
Water Filter for
children's home in
5/5Movie of the filter installation in Myanmar

2020Supporting from afar (Covid)more of 2020Due to the global shutdown during the Covid pandemic,
WB could not travel with teams. Support for our
international partners continued from afar. The developing
countries suffered greatly during the pandemic, and the
ongoing support was greatly appreciated. Our partners sent
regular updates and were so grateful for the continued
An independent organization againin 2004 WB was founded as an independent, tax deductible
organization. In 2011 it was integrated with Verein Quelle,
a free church in Switzerland. In 2020 WB was reestablished
as an independent organization, and received their
tax deductible status.
Special Christmas thank you video for all of our donors3/3

2021Myanmar (Burma) Military coupOn Feb. 1 the military regime in Myanmar launched a coup,
which sent the already struggling country into complete chaos.
The military cut off needed hospital supplies such as
ventilators and other vital Covid treatments. Our partners
Philp and Mie Mie Ahona were forced to evacuate to the USA.
Lukas and Jenny were able to meet them in the USA in the
summer of 2021. They were extremely grateful for the
continued support from WB for the children left behind
in Myanmar.
more of 20211/4
Special support for educationThought the Covid pandemic WB continued to give
generously to all of our partners in Cambodia, Kenya and Myanmar.
In that time, there was the extra burden of education for the
children in the homes and schools which WB supported.
In Cambodia and Myanmar the children's homes needed to hire
tutors for the children, and in Kenya our partners needed to buy
tablets for the students so that the schools could continue to
teach. Tragically, most children from developing countries missed
two years of education during the pandemic.
Kenya trip 2021In November 2021 Frank and
Beatrice Seibold were able to
visit our partners in Kenya.
A small team traveled with
them. They visited the schools,
lead a medical clinic and met
physical needs in the community.
Lukas and Jenny in action with this 3D model4/4This is a 3D
animation that shows
the water situation
without a filter and
with a filter. Open
the link or scan the
QR-code with your
phone and place the
object somewhere
on a surface. It is
called augmented
Reality ;-).

2022Grafs take a scouting
trip to Cambodia
In March the Graf family visited FCOP in Cambodia
to talk about their partnership together, and to look
for ways to work together in the future.
The Grafs planned to move to Asia and develop the
Water Project to reach more children and families in need.
Although the visit with FCOP was very good, it also
became clear that partnering together for the water
project wouldn't be possible.
more of 20221/4
Kenya trip 2022In November 2022 Frank and
Beatrice Seibold lead a team to
Kenya. They visited the schools,
lead a medical clinic and met
physical needs in the community.
Looking back, looking forwardAt the end of 2022 WB
celebrated 20 and 10 years of
partnership together with FCOP
Cambodia, and Shakinah Glory,
Kenya. Although WB no longer
sends donor support to these two
organizations, it is possible to
supporting them directly by
visiting these links.
2022From 2014 - 2022, WB installed water filters
and tested water at 59 different locations.
This is an overview of the 59 locations where WB tested water for bacteria and other
pollutants, and installed water filters. The next slide provides detailed information about each location.
more of 20224/4

2023Special focus on Clean WaterIn January 2023 the Grafs moved
to S.E. Asia to spend the next two
years focusing on clean water
projects for orphans, children in
need and their families. They are
currently living in Kampot,
Cambodia where they have
established a clean water project.
They partner with local schools,
churches and other
non government orginizations.
more of 20231/6
Partnering with PastorsWB began partnering with the Kampot Pastors
Association to install water filters in children's
homes and churches offering childcare,
tutoring and free meals for low income children.
Water for an entire SchoolWarm Blankets Switzerland drilled a well and installed
a water filtration system in the Stoeng Keo elementary
school! The school is located in a very poor village,
and has 157 Students. Previously they used rainwater,
but it wasn’t safe to drink because of how they stored it,
and during the dry season they ran out completely.
But, now they have clean drinking water piped into
each classroom.
Family Team to CambodiaStefen and Tabea Schaller traveled with
their children to Cambodia to visit the
Grafs and to help them with the water
project. You don't have to be an adult
to make the world a better place.
more of 20234/6
Jenny`s blog click on the picture to read the update5/6AprilMarchFebruaryDecemberAugustNovemberJulyOctoberJuneSeptemberMayJanuary
Water project flyerTo promote the water project
in Cambodia, the Grafs worked
with the Kampot Pastor's
association to produce a flyer
about the water filters. It explained
how the filters remove harmful
bacteria and parasites, and that
they were available for
communities that provide
free water to orphans, needy
children and their families.