Hello from rainy Cambodia,

Well there’s no shortage of water in Cambodia, that’s for sure! We’re now in the rainy season, check out the photo of 15+ kids in a tuktuk trying to get to school dry, and the short video of us riding through flooded streets on our motorcycle 😜 (link at the end).

One of the most dangerous problems during the rainy season is that flooding causes water contamination. Over the years, Lukas has tested more than 50 wells in Cambodia, and only ONE has ever tested safe for drinking. Simply put, all water in Cambodia should be treated in some way before consumption, and that’s why water filters are so needed!  We are now partnering with the Kampot Pastor’s Association, hurray! The target group is rural churches in poor communities and children’s homes. On August 29th Lukas traveled with Pastor Noeurn and they installed two water filters, one in a children’s home, and one in a church that’s located in a poor community. There is a growing list of locations that want filters, and we’re thankful to Pastor Noeurn for his help in getting them installed and communicating with the local leaders.

I (Jenny) finished my one month teaching commitment at Stronghold, it was a joy and an honour to partner with them for one month as a volunteer teachers while some of their English Teachers were enjoying a visit to the US. We also helped them host a pastor’s conference on July 27th. I was in the kitchen cooking, and Lukas was on “kid duty” 😁.

Some of the other activities that have kept us busy this month are networking and filter research. Lukas is looking for ways to improve the casing so that they are more user friendly and robust. They need to be able to survive the extreme heat and rain, and also the rough use they get at children’s homes.😉

Well, that’s it! Here’s the photo link, and I’ve included a few fun pictures of Benjamin getting his haircut at a local barber, and a weekend trip to the beach with some friends.

Photo link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/r897tEeR1j4SoPe66


Jenny, Lukas and Benjamin