Kenya Orphans and Education Support

Through our Kenya partners Ben and Christine Mutoka, WBS supports orphaned and vulnerable children in their schooling.
The Mutokes oversee a large ministry with many children’s homes, a medical clinic, two high schools and more. WBS supports the teachers’ salaries at the high schools. These schools offer reduced and free education for children that are orphaned or come from poverty, allowing them to study alongside more wealthy children and giving them advantages that they would otherwise miss. To learn more about their ministries you can visit their website here .

We also support Enoch and Angeline Ombasa in their ministry to the Kipsongo Slums by providing people in Switzerland pass-through giving to their school, Zoe City Light School. If you would like to know more about their ministry, you can visit their website here.

Since 2012 we have partnered with Ben and Christian to see several schools constructed and furnished, toilets installed, computer lab installed, and specialty training provided in the areas of health and hygiene. Another way that we partner with them is through our annual trips to bring medical support, oral hygiene training, financial management training and general support for the staff at the schools. The following movie gives a short overview of Warm Blankets 2017 trip to Kenya.