Hello dear ones,

October was a busy month, but also a very good one. There’s no way I can include all of our activities, but I’ll try my best to give you an overview of the highlights. 

Stefan and Tabea Schaller and their girls were with us for most of October. In addition to enjoying some family vacation time, they also helped us with our work here. Stefan helped Lukas construct water filters, and their family accompanied us on three different days to help us install filters, teach hygiene and build relationship bridges in our new community. They also cooked for us, went to church with us, and even watched Benjamin so that Lukas and I could have a date night!😍 We are so thankful that they came!

We made two more trips out to the Stoeng Keo Elementary School where we are installing a water filter system with Dale and Cathleen Jones, a couple who have been here for over 30 years. On the first trip we met with the school principal and a few teachers, and discussed their specific needs, which are many. In addition to drinking water, they also need a well and new bathrooms. We asked them if they could build a tower for a rain water tank, to see if they were willing to contribute to the project and take some ownership. They quickly found the needed funds and had the tower built in less than a week. We’ve learned through the years that it’s important for people to feel a sense of partnership and involvement when we install a filtration system. This community is very motivated and excited to be involved in the project. Last week we went out to see the new tower and to buy the water tank to put on top. It will be used to collect rain water for the filter system. We also measured the school for pipes, and agreed to sponsor a hand dug well that they can use for hand washing.  We head back out on Wednesday November 1st to begin running the pipes to the classrooms, installing the filters, and to observe the well being dug. This is by far the largest single location that we’ve done, and we’re excited about how nicely it’s coming together.

In addition to the school project, we installed two more filters in partnership with the Kampot Pastor’s Association. At one of the locations we organized a children’s program for 30 kids! We taught them how to wash their hands and correctly store drinking water after it’s been filtered. We also played games, and distributed bars of soap and new toothbrushes. 

I started teaching English classes again. I just can’t get away from it 😉. But this time it’s only two hours per week. Our Cambodian church offers free English classes for the children and youth in the community. I’m teaching “Conversational English intermediate/advanced” but the first few classes it felt like I was pulling teeth to get them to talk. They can read and write English, but speak? Not so much. But we’re having fun and things can only go up from here! 😆 

Well, that’s an overview of our last month, have a fantastic November everyone!

Here’s the photo link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nVj2Xs4b5FRm8w7b6

Jenny, Lukas and Benjamin 

This month and next month I’m going to include a couple of special giving opportunities for the holiday season, in case you are trying to find a good gift for a loved one. Just email me if you are interested, and I will send you photos to include in a card.  

  • A reusable water bottles, toothbrush and soap for one child $4
  • Closed water jug with spout to store filtered water $7
  • A water pump $50
  • A rainwater tank and stand $200
  • General funds for the Water Project $____
Donations from the USA are processed through Faith Center church in Eugene, Oregon and are tax deductible. 


Donations from Switzerland are processed through Warm Blankets Switzerland  www.warmblankets.ch and are tax deductible.