Hello dear ones, 

It’s October! Here in Cambodia we’re in the final months of the rainy season, which means lots of wet! But the weather doesn’t slow us down too much, the Clean Water Project keeps growing, and it’s so amazing to see God laying out the path before us. This month I’ve been meditating on the Bible verse from Ephesians 2:10 “…He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

We’ve been getting to know a missionary couple, Dale and Cathleen, they have been working in Cambodia for more than 30 years! A few weeks ago we went with them to visit a poor rural village. The majority of Cambodia is Buddhist, but this village is Muslim. We are now in the beginning stages of installing a water filter for their primary school. We did an overview visit to the school, and will go again tomorrow to meet with the school principal and talk about their needs. They have a large rainwater tank, but in the dry season they run out of water. You can see from the photos, how poor this community is, and what a blessing it will be for the children to have access to clean drinking water at school. We are eager to develop partnerships with seasoned missionaries like Dale and Cathleen, we love seeing people receiving clean drinking water and “living water” (John 4:11, 7:38) at the same time. 

In the second week of September, we made a trip to the capital city. The main purpose of the trip was to meet with several different organizations and NGOs. We met with Resource Development International (RDI, rdic.org), they produce an affordable, quality water filter which we highly recommend for small families. It looks a bit like a flowerpot 😂. They also have a water testing laboratory and gave us lots of helpful information.  Lukas met with Petram (petram-intl.com), an engineering company that is interested in partnering with us to put water filters in rural schools. We also visited my friend Yvonne’s ministry Carrying Companions (carryingcompanions.com). They serve people with disabilities; this is a huge need in Cambodia, because there isn’t any government support for them. Carrying Companions provides life skills training, physical therapy, family support services, and much more. They even have a tuk tuk (ricksha) that can accommodate a wheelchair! There are just two tuk tuks in the entire capital city that can transport a wheelchair, which is another example of how needed this ministry is. I lived with Yvonne in 2012, and it’s wonderful to see the work that she is doing here today. Finally, we spent some time looking for shops and companies that sell laboratory equipment and water filters. We already have the bacteria filters that were donated by Pall Inc. but we need other types of filters as well. It was a good trip, but we were happy to come home to Kampot. 

Last week our good friends from Switzerland arrived for a one month visit! They will be helping us with the water project, visiting friends at FCOP,  and of course, taking some vacation! We are their “home base” for the month that they are here. We’re looking forward to this special time together. 

Here’s the photo link, https://photos.app.goo.gl/cnyv1Dx3CdFTxY9XA

We also put together a short overview video of the last eight months in Asia, you can watch it on Youtube here. For those of you that don’t read Swiss German 😜, here are the captions in English.

Graf’s move to Cambodia

Packing up


Arrived in Cambodia

Our new home

Remodelling the “new” home

Housewarming party with friends

Our work permits are here, so we should work

Installing filters

Enjoying life

Well that’s it! Thanks for reading. 

Jenny, Lukas and Benjamin Graf

PS. If anyone would like to contribute to the project or to our monthly support USA donations are processed through Faith Center church in Eugene, Oregon.


For anyone in Switzerland or another country, you will find all needed information on the website  www.warmblankets.ch