Welcome to Warm Blankets Switzerland

Our mission: to provide orphaned and needy children with a safe home, healthy food, clean water, education and a loving environment to grow up in.

How we do it: by supporting, locally lead projects and organizations for at risk children and families. We are currently working in Cambodia and Myanmar.

We are a Swiss non-government-organization, founded in 2004. We’re small and personal; we are friends with our local partners and many of our sponsors. The current directors, Lukas and Jenny Graf, are living in Cambodia and installing water filters in children’s homes and community centres. They do this through partnerships with local Cambodian organizations and ministries.

Worldwide, approximately 333 million children are still living in extreme poverty. In the last 20 years, we’ve supported projects for needy children in Cambodia, Kenya, Rwanda and Myanmar (Burma).


Philip & Mie Mie

water project

Lukas & Jenny


Fritz and Vreni Schaller